Earth Beasts Awaken part 1 – In Mountains TEASER

Video comes out MAY 1st.

and oh how we’ll croak…

Here’s another video I’ve been meaning to finish for many months and finally managed to. Beat produced and video editing by me. My friend Jeremy Owen shot the performance and I shot the masks and creatures. Hope you like it.

download Bagheera.mp3
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i came to stack the carcasses

This video has nothing to do with my upcoming album Gather Bones. It’s one of several tracks that I put together last spring in order to sharpen my skills for finishing Gather Bones, but I never got around to finishing it until recently. Part of the reason it took so long is because my timing wasn’t great and I could only get baby mantises, so I had to raise them until they were big enough to film killing and eating things.

download Stack Carcasses (beat by Buddah Killah).mp3
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Old Black Coffin (Gather Bones preview track)

Download Old Black Coffin.mp3

download Old Black Coffin.mp3
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This track features Drew McGowan on fiddle and Kim Megowan on backup vocals. Beat and lyrics by historian.

Gather Bones album teaser

Help fund my next album – buy a piece of original album art

In order to fund the finishing of my next album ‘Gather Bones’ I’ve been hand painting album art which is now up for auction. If you like what you see here, head over to the historian facebook page where you can see the current bids on each piece, and make me an offer either by commenting or sending me a message. Bidding ends December 7th, and the highest bidders will be contacted on December 8th to arrange payment (generally via a paypal payment request). Once I’m paid, I’ll ship you your art, and get back to finishing the album.

Thank you all for your kind and generous support so far. In the hopes that this art spreads out into the world I have kept the starting bids low, but if you feel the work is deserving of more , make me an offer.


Gather Bones album art

My new album ‘Gather Bones’ is nearing completion, and for the last week I’ve been painting a series of pieces of album art which I plan to sell to fund finishing the album. The online art auction will begin December 1st, and the prices will be very reasonable… mark your calendars!!

'your king is coming'
‘your king is coming’
12″x13″ acrylic and marker on weathered plywood

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming album art sale and new music.




The “Shellback” beast that will be featured in the upcoming Earth Beasts Awaken music videos originally started as a creature I came up with for one of the hand painted CDs I sold to help fund the project (which was derived in part from this earlier Earth Beast artwork for the initial album release).

Shellback Earth Beast Design Progression

Shellback Earth Beast Design Progression

As you can see, in the process of adapting that original idea into a costume design a few things change, and in adapting that costume design into the physical pieces that will be worn by the performer, things chance a bit more. I’ve found that the best end result is achieved when I can strike a balance between making the best physical shapes and textures with the available materials and maintaining the overall “concept” or “soul” of the character. I used to think it was kinda weak that my original concepts don’t look exactly like the finished sculpture or puppet, but lately I’ve been thinking it’s really important to let a character design evolve as you actualize that character, because then the natural aesthetic and structural strengths of the medium or materials you’re working with can add to your original design and ultimately make it into a way better design (both functionally and aesthetically).


Finskull Earth Beast Fabrication Progression

Finskull Earth Beast Fabrication Progression

One of the primary reasons I prefer to root my work in physical mediums as opposed to strictly digital is that the paper and ink, paint and clay all contribute something to the thing you’re making and (if used well) can actually make it much better in ways that no human artist would have ever thought of from the start. There is vast intricate genius in the fabric of every physical substance and no human could possibly think of all the little details and expressive qualities these materials naturally contain or produce. A paintbrush laden with water color, or a groggy clay, or sawdust sprinkled on a mess of paint and glue are all such immensely complex physical phenomenon that we artists should be humbled by them, and grateful for their contributions to our work.


While this approach may require surrendering yourself and your vision to the limitations of physical materials the payoff is twofold: the final object being created is potentially richer in detail and life than you could’ve ever conceived in a sterile digital workspace, and the discipline learned from working with physical media can help develop your ability to creatively flow in concert with forces outside yourself, which for me has improved my life in general. I’d be willing to go so far as to say that an artist with total control of their medium, social circumstances and surroundings is neither learning anything from the world they are working in, nor has any reason to be an artist.


Earth Beast Suit Test

quick paleo doodle

sometimes you just gotta draw some dinosaurs.


Futalognkosaurus stomps the innards out of a pesky theropod

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