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Earth Beasts Awaken update on patreon


An in depth update on Earth Beasts Awaken is long overdue, and in the last couple months I’ve managed to make a little progress. A new practical effects behind the scenes update is now up on my patreon. Yeah, it’s for supporters only, but a measly $1 pledge gets you access to it and a gaggle of other exclusive content, and that buck helps me immensely to make progress on these ambitious and often difficult projects.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my art in various ways over the years. I have not stopped. There is a small cauldron of historian projects (music & music videos) simmering over the old hungry fire as we speak. I will however be dedicating my time to paleoart again this summer and fall, as I have landed several huge commissions. More on those later.

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2016 Director’s Reel

A long overdue update of my reel featuring some of my more recent projects…

The narrative is from an audio short story that supplements Gather Bones, and is available for download to my patreon supporters.

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2015 in Review

2015 was a busy year. Here’s some of the stuff I finished during our last rotation around the sun…

Sort of as an experiment in minimalism, I made this music video for a track in collaboration with beatmaker BLAQ MASQ

I also recorded several other verses for musical collaborations, such as this one (the others have yet to be released):

I also designed and animated several minutes of animation for a TV documentary about viking mythology. Here’s a short clip of some of my animation. I plan on assembling all of it as a standalone short as soon as I can find the time:

On the front lines of paleoart, I launched the #buildabetterfaketheropod hashtag along with a pile of art poking fun at the dinosaurs/science of some dinosaur movie that came out this year and was sorta big.

Somewhere around that same time I went out to Moab Utah to photograph and explore the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trackway, which I then created an illustration of for an interpretive sign commissioned by Utah BLM Paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster.


Later that summer I traveled out to Utah again to participate in my first paleontological field expedition, again with ReBecca Hunt-Foster, her husband John Foster, Sharon McMullen, Mikey Schiltz and Matt Wedel to survey a newly discovered secret site, cluttered with mid mesozoic dinosaur fossils and giant petrified trees! That was awesome. But I can’t say more because it’s all still super secret and I’d be beheaded in sacrifice to our great archosaur overlords if I said any more.

Sometime after I got back from that trip I did these two drawings for an upcoming paper on Apatosaur combat I’m a coauthor on with Matt Wedel, Mike Taylor and Darren Naish.
Apato neck shove matchApato neck smash!

I then finished a mixtape of new raps about fighting you with animals in the jungle called JUNGLECAT TECHNIQUE, and a new self produced album called Gather Bones. If you like my music, I hope you’ll consider supporting it on bandcamp.

wise men

Also at some point I did this reconstruction of an early Cretaceous angiosperm called Frenelopsis for Nathan Jud’s paper re-describing the taxa:

And I also did a bunch of drawings and concept art for Earth Beasts Awaken part 3, and a pile of sketches as rewards for my Patreon supporters, many of which can be seen in the photo galleries over on the historian facebook page
Cavern Glower

And now (like right now) I’m working on another illustrated sign for another Utah BLM dinosaur trackway site commissioned by ReBecca Hunt-Foster. I’m not going to share it right now though, because you have to support me on Patreon to see the behind the scenes stuff that isn’t finished yet, as well as special bonus content videos like this B-reel footage of the Snow Painter creature from Earth Beasts Awaken part 1 that I put together for my new Patreon supporters:

For those of you who have supported my work by buying art, making a donation or just sharing and hyping the hell out of it, thanks for the support!!!

Oh yeah, and I also put a ton of art up on my new Redbubble store, so you can even support my art by rockin’ it in the forms of various interdimensional style armors!!

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Gather Bones

Click the Ghost Elk to DOWNLOAD Gather Bones.

Download Gather Bones


The above download is free, but if you like my music & art and you want to support my upcoming projects you can make a small monthly donation on MY PATREON PAGE. Signing up is easy, it helps make projects like this possible and it gets you access to exclusive content, such as an audio short story that supplements this album (that can’t be found anywhere else)…

Or you can make a one-time paypal donation:

This is my second full length album that I composed and produced myself. Every note in this album is from my heart or lungs, or from those of a close friend of mine.

Album Credits:
Lyrics, lead vocals, whistlin’ & production – historian
Fiddle & banjo – Drew McGowan
Flutes – Jackie Liu
Spooky singin’ – Kim Megowan
Ghuzheng – Jiayi Meng
Mastering – Steven Doman

I also owe a big thanks to those of you who supported this project by purchasing the art I created for it way back in December 2013, when I foolishly thought I could finish this album quickly because I had amassed most of the writing, melodies and ideas that would eventually form it. I didn’t realize how long it would take to actually put it all together and make it sound close to the way it did echoing around in my brain. You can see a gallery of that art here, and each of the pieces is based on ideas in the music.

H with bones

Leviathanswise menyour king is comingomen bringersthe prospectorat the old chinese opera&saint francisdark desert nightchurch spiresghost elkfour horsementhe offering

Prints of these paintings can be requested only by my patreon supporters.

And T-shirts, hoodies, leggings & more can be bought in my Redbubble shop.

Download Gather Bones

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Gather Bones comes out Nov. 10, 2015.

Here’s a track from it you’ve never heard before:

There’s also this video I put out a long time ago:

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Earth Beasts Awaken – Additional Sightings: Snow Painter

I put together a video using B-reel footage from Earth Beasts Awaken pt 1 to put up on
my patreon page, where my supporters can also download the music featured in the video.

I plan on doing a bonus footage video like this using footage from Earth Beasts part 2, but that one will be available only to my Patreon supporters, so subscribe now & don’t miss any of the bonus content & behind the scenes material that I will be putting up on that page. To those of you who have already pledged your support on Patreon, be sure to log in and download the soundtrack to this video, and thanks for the support!!

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Despite what I say in the video I’ve been having some technical trouble with paypal’s recurring donation feature so really the best way to make a recurring monthly donation is through my Patreon page:

OR, you can make a one time donation on Paypal:

I hope you’ll consider making a small recurring monthly donation to support my work on a monthly basis. Small donations add up, and it is entirely within your power as my audience to determine whether or not I can make my videos and art fully independently, or if I have to submit myself to the existing media structure in order to make a living.

Frame from footage shot for an upcoming Earth Beasts Awaken Video

Frame from footage shot for an upcoming Earth Beasts Awaken Video

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Click the JUNGLECAT to DOWNLOAD the mixtape

If you like my music & you want to support my upcoming projects consider making a monthly donation on MY PATREON PAGE (gets you access to exclusive content!)

Or by making a one-time paypal donation:

I’ve been working on this mixtape as a side project to sharpen my skills in preparation for my upcoming album Gather Bones, and I’ve decided it’s time to put it out. I hope you enjoy my kung fu.

The mixtape is free to download, but if you want to support me as an artist you can make a donation (above) or buy a copy of the JUNGLECAT TECHNIQUE poster:



Posters are $15 each, free shipping in the US and measure 12″x14″

Big shoutouts and respect to all the beat makers whose beats are featured on this mixtape, and also to all the various musicians, film makers and martial artists whose sounds were sampled to create the whole JUNGLECAT world.

Here are some links to some of the beat maker’s other work.
BLAQ MASQ on Youtube
Buddah Killah on Soundcloud
DR. X on Soundcloud
Mujo Beatz on Bandcamp
Backshot Entertainment on BandMine
Free Download of a beat tape entitled MOGGY

And here’s a video of two blind Vietnamese street performers I sampled for the track “Hyenas” (they jam):

Also big props to my girl, Ms. Jessica Jordan, who shot the photo I used for the album art.

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“Haunted Catacombs” Collab with Lone Ninja & BLAQ MASQ

I recorded this track quite a while ago, and now it’s done.

Lone Ninja is the guy rapping about “Trapdoors & Secret Passageways”, which also happens to be the name of one of his recent albums, which you should search out and buy so dude can keep rapping about fighting and other secret Ninja stuff. BLAQ MASQ made the beat. And by that I mean he hollowed out the skull of an elder monk, implanted it with the eggs of Kre’eltrothian carrion-eaters and recorded their hatching process. He then sampled those recordings into his MPC2000XL drum machine and mashed pads in order to tear a rift into deep spirit-time that Lone Ninja & I somersaulted through in order to battle various monsters and wraiths, summon ghouls, and cast mad spells, all of which you can hear in the above track. Hopefully they work (the spells) because then you will sprout roots and strange umbrella-like leaves from your skin and start crawling across the land bashing through thatched-roofed villages and growing/climbing up all the castle parapets, devouring the inhabitants and crumbling them to their foundations with your engrapplizing poisonous vines.

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Tales from the Tomb – Beat by BLAQ MASQ

I did this track & video for BLAQ MASQ’s upcoming album. I’ll post a link to where you can download the album when it comes out.

Hear more of BLAQ MASQ’s beats & production on his youtube page here: BLAQ MASQ’s youtube page

There They Lay...

If you like the art featured in this video head over to my facebook page where I’m auctioning it off. To bid, just put a comment with the amount you want to bid underneath the illustration you want. The auction ends February 28th at 9pm pacific time. Highest bidders will be contacted with a paypal payment request. Once you’ve paid, I’ll ship you your scroll (free shipping in the US).

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