About a month ago I did a talk on my dinosaur illustration process, and the video of my talk is now online. The talk centers around the reconstruction of the new species of dinosaur Aquilops americanus that I was hired to do by Andy Farke and Matt Wedel for the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology.

Aquilops americanus a new species of basal ceratopsian dinosaur.

Aquilops americanus, a new species of basal ceratopsian dinosaur.

Also you can support original paleo art by purchasing a poster (12″x18″ – 30.48cm x 45.72cm) of the above illustration RIGHT HERE for $25. FREE shipping within the US!!:

If you want to see many of the images in my talk more clearly and read more about reconstructing Aquilops, be sure to check out my blog post Introducing Aquilops americanus.

Also, check out Nerd Nite’s website if you want to learn more about Nerd Nite events & find out when and where they’re taking place.

Oh, and here’s that ceratopsian family tree video from the end of my talk in full HD glory:

If you’d like to use the ceratopsian skull wall video in a presentation or whatever, feel free to download and use it:
(right click to download)

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