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Shunosaurus Thagomizer!

I’ve been meaning to post this illustration for some time. Seeing Mike Taylor’s collection of illustrations featuring sauropods smashing theropods on SV-POW reminded me.

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

This illustration was also inspired by a discussion about Shunosaurus on SV-POW, which featured some great skeletal reference. Also, Mike was nice enough to clarify the exact structure of Shunosaurus’ tail club. It is often depicted with varying numbers of stegosaur-like spikes, when in reality it had some nice bony knobs on the dorsal surface, but no distinct evidence of spikes. I think that makes a lot of sense. Stegosaur tails are relatively short and stocky as compared to sauropods’ more whip-like tails. I can envision a stegosaur driving a spike deep into an opponent and then pulling it out, because there’s not a bunch of extra slack in the tail to pull strait before the spike is pulled. I imagine a spiky thagomizer on the end of a more whiplike sauropod tail would get imbedded, but would be difficult to remove, as there appears to have been very little musculature towards the end of sauropod’s tails. A thick knob of bone on the other hand, would handily deal out blunt-force trauma with less likelihood of entangling its owner with the attacker. That was the idea behind this illustration anyway.

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

The environment was reconstructed after fossils from the middle Jurassic of China. The Ginkgo is Ginkgo yimaensis, but reconstructed after Ginkgo biloba, which were kind enough to survive into the present so I could reference their beautiful gnarly structures and branch arrangement. The meat eater is some kind of middle Jurassic sinraptorid theropod. I’ll refrain from ascribing an exact species because there’s a smattering of incomplete theropod remains from roughly the same stratigraphic and geographic range as Shunosaurus, but there is some uncertainty to as which genus/species are legit and which should be consolidated. They’re all pretty similar murderous-looking mid-sized allosaurs similar to Sinraptor. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter to me what the official literature calls them…

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

I like them all.

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Shunosaurus crackin Szechuanosaurus in the growler - Rough sketch by Brian Engh
Shunosaurus vs. Szechuanosaurus (rough sketch)

I inked the whole thing and then realized I hated how the dinosaurs were drawn. So I’m redrawing them (rough sketch above). I’m fairly happy with the gingko, though:

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The Statement of Randolph Carter

Just finished the sound design for this:

Let me know what you think. The director has plans to adapt further Lovecraft stories into short animations like this one, so I’ll hopefully be working with him in the future. It was a fun little project, and I think the idea of doing a series of adaptations of spooky shorts based on stories by Lovecraft has a lot of potential.

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One down…

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Video of me testing the working parts of a miniature machine I was hired to build for a short film.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on building a miniature of a giant victorian-style factory machine for a short film. Well, it’s finished!

Miniature Machine (front) - FINISHED!Miniature Machine (side) - FINISHED!Miniature Machine (detail) - FINISHED!

The blank area in the front will be replaced digitally with a section of full scale set that actors will be interacting with. When all the effects are done the scene will look like a huge factory with several giant machines being operated by tiny people working down at the base of each machine.

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my time is too divided.

good lord I haven’t posted in ages…
people keep comin’ at me like “where the new shit at, son?” and I’m all, “It’s not finished.”

So, here are several of those unfinished things for you to enjoy and/or wonder about how they will be when they are finished (if that ever happens)…

First, I’m working on a couple Spinosaurus illustrations for a young paleontologist named Tor Bertin. I did this one as a sort of ‘warm up’ and I haven’t had time to finish it yet (let alone start the REAL illustration)…
Spinosaur Warmup

My main job at the moment is building some miniature set pieces for a grad student’s thesis film. Right now I am making a miniature giant factory machine, but because I screwed up a few times, I still have a ways to go…

Here is some concept art I did for the same project, which shows the general style of the film…

When I need a break from working on the machine (or whatever else) I mess around in GarageBand. Between last night and today I made this beat…
Wong Fe Hong.mp3
I don’t think I’m going to do anything with it, so if you know how to kill evil robots with kung fu, you’re welcome to download it and rap on it. It’s 83 bpm, feel free to chop it up or whatever, I don’t care.

Also, a couple weeks ago I put together this track for a YouTube cypher called the “Third Eye Cypher”, but I haven’t had a chance to do a video for it (I want to do a good one):

Oh and just to complicate my schedule further, I also make ceramics, and I’m trying to get this commission done (it still needs to be glazed and fired):

…and on the back burner I have several major music video projects, three more albums, another short film and plans to revamp this website. Mainly I need to revise/add new stuff to/generally improve my illustration/concept design portfolio. I also need to add a “store” page, because I now have an Etsy page and I will be putting some of my art up for sale. I hope you’ll stay tuned and check it out.

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Right after the very first Youtube rap contest I entered I got a message from this kid named Rhyval who wanted me to participate in his ‘Numbers Exhibition’ wherein participants were to rap over a beat from a Ludacris song using numbers as a lyrical theme. It sounded fun and I promised him I’d do a cool video for it. I worked on it here and there until I finally found some time to finish it up this week. I hope you like it.

Glorious Infinite.mp3
(right click to download)

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Salmon Skies, Partly Cloudy

My good buddy and former roommate David Reilly just put his recently completed senior animation thesis up on Youtube. It is a funny cartoon show about Admiral Tremendousness (the best and greatest super-hero). I did a little music and voice work for it, and David did a beautiful job writing, directing, designing and animating it. I hope you like it!

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Red Mane


I don’t typically draw dragons, but on occasion I just can’t help it. A while back I started this illustration and I finally found a bit of time to finish it. He is called Red Mane, and I’m pretty sure he and the lady on his back defend some temple or something ancient and important like that. The banner-carrying is probably part of some ceremonial or commemorative occasion. If you know for sure, or have another idea, please let me know…

More Dragony Doodles!

For some reason in the last couple days my warm-up doodles kept turning into dragons. At first I was fighting it, like “No! Draw more original monsters!” but after a while I caved and I was happy to find out that I can churn out dragon designs without even thinking. These are some of those doodles. I guess it makes sense that my brain can barf out buckets of dragons because I constantly draw dinosaurs (whose skeletons almost certainly influenced ancient peoples’ dragon lore), and because I am just a big dork who never outgrew his boyhood enjoyment of the Arthurian legends (and yes, I went through a pretty serious dragon drawing phase at that time). 

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Kung Fu Rap Battle

So I ended up in a rap battle on youtube. The guy I was supposed to battle goes by the name of ‘Tykwon Flow’ and that name alone got me a little carried away…  

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Earth Beasts Awaken

Click the monster to enter Earth Beasts Awaken
Earth Beasts AwakenEarth Beasts Awaken

Enter the “Earth Beasts Awaken” page for a free download of the entire album, art, lyrics and more…

Let me know what you think. I’m certainly no sound engineer, so it probably shows that it was mixed on a laptop plugged into some speakers I pulled out of the trash… I hope it’s an enjoyable listen regardless…

Ultimately, my only (semi) rational justification for making this album is that I want to make music videos for several of the songs, to use as reel material. Although I have some ideas already, I would be really interested to hear what you, the unspoiled listener, would like to see made into a video. So please be sure to leave a comment if something strikes you that way.

Thanks for checking out my stuff.


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