So I’m building some more monsters. Specifically, Earth Beasts for the upcoming (and long long overdue) music videos for Earth Beasts Awaken. Here’s a timelapse of me sculpting the head of one of them.

Yeah, I said one of them. There will be several monsters. At this point at least 7 of them, but quite possibly 9 or 10. Some (like the one in the video) are just hand puppets, but several are fully articulated puppets or full body monster suits (like we on some godzilla type technology). Also they will be fighting, roaring, causing volcanic eruptions and generally disregarding human kind as anything worthy of respect.

Again, thank you for your support and patience. I’m doing my best to make these videos as well as I can with lots of monsters shot on location, and that all takes time. So stay with it.

Oh also I’m working on a new album, which will be released this fall and is called Gather Bones.

ohyeah, and I have most of a mix tape put together too.

and five other (non Earth Beasts) music videos shot.

Stay tuned.

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