Earth Beasts Update: I just got back from the mountains where I finished shooting the music video for ‘In Mountains’ from my old album Earth Beasts Awaken. I needed a few more shots that I wasn’t able to shoot last winter, and I am (finally) entering post production in ernest. I hope to have it done sometime in the next month or two. Here is a picture of the historian finding a mysterious blood-painting on a snowy boulder…

While I was in the mountains I also finished shooting a music video for my friend Steven Doman’s new album A Tertian Leap. The album is a spaced-out ambient mixture of instruments and electronic elements, so the music video we shot is an atmospheric sci-fi story about two people separated by an expanse of space. I’ve known Steven his whole life, and over the years he’s helped me with a ton of my projects, so I went all out on the video for him. Here is a picture of a crashed spaceship I built for the project:

So here’s the deal. I’m trying to make better and better music videos (like this one and this one), but as you may have noticed, better music videos take longer to finish. So, what I’m trying to do between finishing big projects, is to put out more regular quick rap performance videos (like this old one and this new one) and more frequent illustrations of dinosaurs and monsters and stuff like that.

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