Here’s a video explaining what’s up and why you should buy one of these CDs:

I am no longer offering hand painted copies of Earth Beasts Awaken, but you still want to support the project, you can donate any amount of money by clicking ‘Donate Now’:

You can still download my album Earth Beasts Awaken for free, but for a limited time I offered hand-painted copies of the album on CD to raise money to finish the long overdue music videos that go with the album. Each CD was unique, featuring different monsters and slightly different background colors, but they all looked something like this:

I will be making three videos to visually supplement Earth Beasts Awaken. While each video will have its own storyline, the three of them together will also tell a larger story. I will be making videos for the tracks; “In Mountains”, “Call to Awaken” and “Mowgli”. Here are some brief descriptions and images to give you an idea of my vision for each of these videos.

In Mountains:
Trekking in the high frozen mountains, historian discovers strange symbols painted in fresh blood on snow-covered boulders and trees. As he follows the trail of glyphs, the blood begins to tell a story leading him deeper and deeper into the very heart of the mountain…

This video will be shot in several locations in the mountains east of where I live. In addition to helping to cover transportation costs for me and my crew, your CD purchases and donations will also help to bring the creature painting the blood symbols to life:

Call to Awaken:
Their sleep disturbed, the mountains erupt, and numerous earth beasts burst forth. As the winged beast unfolds his wings for the first time in eons, ancient images scarred into their membranes are illuminated by the setting sun, hinting at the story of it’s violent past…

This video will be shot in two locations in the desert that I have scouted for their stunning and rugged igneous geology. I will be constructing several puppets for this video, and I will be putting together a small crew to help me puppeteer and shoot the sequences on location.

In a dark forest something is stirring. An arboreal humanoid who’s skin changes colors to match its surroundings descends from the trees and begins a metamorphosis which ultimately leads us on a journey of transformation and renewal through and ancient forest, and an even more ancient concrete jungle…

This video is by far the most ambitious. It will feature two forest locations, live-action creatures, post production visual effects and miniatures. Although somewhat daunting, I am most excited about making this video, and I have practical plans as to how I will achieve each special effect, creature and environment on a small budget. Your CD purchases and donations will make that small budget possible, and the more generous you are, the more quickly these videos will be completed as I will have to cut fewer corners while also being able to afford the time to focus on finishing these projects.

I hope this little bit of production art helps to get you excited about these videos without giving too much away. I really appreciate the support and encouragement thus far, and I hope this project seems worthy of your continued support.

Either way, I am fired up about finally finishing these videos. I hope you’ll help me make that happen.
the historian himself

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