I recently finished this big drawing of the Kayenta formation, which is both a multi-environment paleoecological reconstruction and a timeline/strategraphic column. As you move through the timeline you step up through the layers of stone preserved in the rocks around St. George Utah, and every scene is based on specific fossil sites discovered and studied by paleontologist Andrew Milner and his crew. The finished full color piece will be incorporated into a museum exhibit at the Saint George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm – an awesome paleo museum in Saint George Utah.


If you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook you should be because I’ve been posting more regular updates on there, and if you’re a supporter on Patreon I recently uploaded a scan of the now finished grayscale drawing so that my supporters can see the ambitious art that they’re helping to make possible.

But this is only phase one. As is my typical process this huge drawing will be colored digitally to bring it to life and I will continue to post updates as I do.

Stay tuned, and thanks for the support.

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