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Valley of the Mastodons exhibit now open

SmashtodonsFINAL WebSIZED WM

Just last week the Valley of The Mastodons exhibit at the Western Science Center in Hemet CA opened, and it features my first paleoart mural. The mural depicts 2 full sized male Mastodons battling, and the older male on the right is based on the fossils of a Mastodon at the museum named “Max” who has several injuries to the right side of his jaw that are consistent with tusk strikes. The exhibit features more Mastodon fossil material on display than any Mstodon exhibit in the history of Mastodon exhibits and if you’re in southern California between now and early 2018 you should definitely check it out. After the Valley of the Mastodon exhibit closes, my mural will still be on display in the main gallery of the museum, right behind Max’s mounted skeleton.


I shot a bunch of reference footage and footage of me drawing/painting this mural which I plan on editing together as a video for my paleoart youtube page as soon as I can find the time.


As always, supporting my art on Patreon enables me to do the best job I can on projects like this and also makes doing behind the scenes posts and videos possible, so consider kicking me a few bucks on there if you can spare it and want to help me make the best art I possibly can. As a thank you to my patrons 9″x18″ poster prints of this piece are now available to my top-tier supporters or any supporters who have had my back for a while and haven’t requested a free print from me recently. Thanks yall.


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New Paleoart Youtube Page

In order to grow the audience and confuse Youtube’s algorithms less I have created a new youtube page specifically for paloeart, natural history and wildlife videos. Basically I just realized I have a TON of footage on my hard drives that I’ve shot of various plants and animals and environments which I frequently reference or draw inspiration from for paleoart and other projects. So I figured I’d put it to use to help communicate the science that went into my various paleoart pieces as well as promote my art etc. Here are the first two videos in what I intend on making a fairly regular thing. I hope you’ll subscribe to the page:

These videos were made possible by support from my Patreon supporters. You can find my patreon page (stocked with a lot of top secret stuff you can’t see anywhere else) here:

Thanks for the support yall. Let me know what you think.


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Paleoart timelapses

I’m working on some art for some more interpretive trail signage in Utah commissioned by Rebecca Hunt-Foster and I’ve been shooting time lapses of the process for my patreon page.

If you enjoy my work and aren’t already supporting me on patreon, I hope you’ll consider it. For only $1 a month you get access to a raft of behind the scenes content, exclusive downloads and first looks, and I’ll be adding more in the coming months.

Big thanks to those of you who do support my art. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about the bonus conent I’ve been posting & if there’s anything else you’d like to see!!

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Gather Bones album teaser

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Earth Beast Suit Test

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In an effort to get my latest work and updates to people more easily I have created a twitter account and facebook page for the historian himself. While this website (dontmesswithdinosaurs) will remain the main source and archive for content, the facebook page and twitter feeds will be updated with links to new work here as well as updates and news on upcoming projects and events so that humans who regularly check their facebook and twitter can stay in touch and up to date more easily.

Stay in touch.

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Warcloud & The American Poets 2099

From the moment I first heard Warcloud’s (aka Holocaust’s) barraging, eidetic lyrical style I wanted to direct a music video inspired by the imagery in his lyrics. I was able to get in touch with his fellow American Poet, Nova Kane, and when Warcloud got let out (he was locked up for 3 years for fighting) Nova got in touch with me and asked me to direct a video for this track. We had a ton of fun making this, lurking around Los Angeles China Town and filming fight sequences in the Malibu hills, and I hope it’s fun to watch.

If you want to hear more of The American Poets 2099, You can preview the album and support the artists by purchasing it here:

Thanks again to everyone who helped make shooting this video possible. So much goddamn fun.


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Earth Beasts Awaken video progress

Here are a few screen grabs of some of the footage I’ve shot for the ‘In Mountains’ video:

And here is a recent collaborative track I did with a group called Weapon Mouth which consists of producer/forger of rhymes Mindscapes and his bloodthirsty lyrical skull stomper brother, Omega Hurtz. My verse is on third:

You can check out more of their music here:

Weaponmouth Youtube
Mindscapes Youtube
Omega Hurtz Youtube

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pachycephalosaur inspired rap music

that’s what this is:

download BATTLE ROAR!!!!!! (Beat by Steven Doman).mp3
(right click to download)

I was hanging out with my friend Steven Doman and he was playing beats that he made in high school. One of them was really bonked out and awesome and for some reason I just started freaking out and yelling things about time travel and shooting blood out of my eyes like horned lizards. So we decided we should probably record something over it, and a few weeks later we recorded the above video and vocals. Since then Steve went in on the beat and evolved it into what you hear in the video, while I drew pictures, animated and composited the images to match the stuff I’m yelling about.

Anyway, pachycephalosaurs are awesome.

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Shunosaurus Thagomizer!

I’ve been meaning to post this illustration for some time. Seeing Mike Taylor’s collection of illustrations featuring sauropods smashing theropods on SV-POW reminded me.

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

This illustration was also inspired by a discussion about Shunosaurus on SV-POW, which featured some great skeletal reference. Also, Mike was nice enough to clarify the exact structure of Shunosaurus’ tail club. It is often depicted with varying numbers of stegosaur-like spikes, when in reality it had some nice bony knobs on the dorsal surface, but no distinct evidence of spikes. I think that makes a lot of sense. Stegosaur tails are relatively short and stocky as compared to sauropods’ more whip-like tails. I can envision a stegosaur driving a spike deep into an opponent and then pulling it out, because there’s not a bunch of extra slack in the tail to pull strait before the spike is pulled. I imagine a spiky thagomizer on the end of a more whiplike sauropod tail would get imbedded, but would be difficult to remove, as there appears to have been very little musculature towards the end of sauropod’s tails. A thick knob of bone on the other hand, would handily deal out blunt-force trauma with less likelihood of entangling its owner with the attacker. That was the idea behind this illustration anyway.

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

The environment was reconstructed after fossils from the middle Jurassic of China. The Ginkgo is Ginkgo yimaensis, but reconstructed after Ginkgo biloba, which were kind enough to survive into the present so I could reference their beautiful gnarly structures and branch arrangement. The meat eater is some kind of middle Jurassic sinraptorid theropod. I’ll refrain from ascribing an exact species because there’s a smattering of incomplete theropod remains from roughly the same stratigraphic and geographic range as Shunosaurus, but there is some uncertainty to as which genus/species are legit and which should be consolidated. They’re all pretty similar murderous-looking mid-sized allosaurs similar to Sinraptor. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter to me what the official literature calls them…

Realm of The Ancient Ginkgo by Brian Engh

I like them all.

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